Reelin Induces Branching of Neurons and Radial Glial Cells during Corticogenesis

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  • Hamburg Center of Neuroscience (HCNS)
  • Newborn neurons migrate along the processes of radial glial cells (RGCs) to reach their final positions in the cortex. Here, we visualized individual migrating neurons and RGCs using in utero electroporation. We show that branching of migrating neurons and RGCs is closely correlated spatiotemporally with the distribution of Reelin. Time-lapse imaging revealed that the leading processes of migrating neurons gave rise to increasingly more branches once their growth cones contacted the Reelin-containing marginal zone. This was accompanied by translocation of the nucleus and gradual shortening of the leading process. Absence of Reelin in reeler mice altered these processes resulting in misorientation, loss of bipolarity, and aberrant migration of cortical neurons. Moreover, in reeler, the branching of the basal processes of RGCs in the marginal zone was severely disrupted. Consistent with previous reports, we show that in dissociated reeler cortical cultures, exposure to recombinant Reelin enhanced dendritic complexity and glial branching. Our results suggest that Reelin induces branching of the leading processes of migrating neurons and that of basal processes of RGCs when they arrive at the Reelin-containing marginal zone. Branching of these processes may be crucial for the termination of nuclear translocation during the migratory process and for correct neuronal positioning.

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