Can a simple iPad app improve C-arm based component position in anterior THA?

  • INTRODUCTION: Correct acetabular component positioning improves hip biomechanics, impingement free range of motion and may lead to a reduced risk of postoperative dislocation. The C-arm is a simple and cost-effective tool for THA in a supine position, however, evaluation of the images can be challenging due to parallax. The current study aimed to investigate whether a software app-based measurement technique can control acetabular component position and leg length in anterior THA.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ninety-three patients with end-stage osteoarthritis aged 65.2 ± 9.6 years (range 30-86 years) were included in this prospective study. All patients underwent direct anterior THA using a Hana orthopedic surgery table. C-arm imaging and an iPad software app were used to determine intraoperative acetabular anteversion, inclination and leg length discrepancy. The app provides a measuring tool that is applied to intraoperative c-arm images. The intraoperative measurements were compared to the measurements of standard postoperative AP-pelvis radiographs.

    RESULTS: Intraoperative software app-based anteversion measurements averaged 20.5° (range 16.0° to 24.0°) compared to 20.9° (range 14.7° to 25.6°) postoperatively. Mean intraoperative inclination was 40.5° (range 35° to 48°) compared to postoperative 40.7° (range 35° to 49°). Mean intraoperative leg length discrepancy was 0.9 mm (range - 4-5 mm) compared to postoperative 0.6 mm (range - 5-6 mm). A strong Pearson's correlation was observed between the intraoperative and postoperative measurements for anteversion (r = .701; P < .0001), inclination (r = .816; P < .0001) and leg length discrepancy (r = .542; P < .0001).

    CONCLUSIONS: The software app used in the current study allowed for a simple and accurate measurement of intraoperative cup position and leg length in direct anterior THA.

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