The Northern Sea Route as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Arctic Zone

Hamburg University of Technology
  • Arctic region of the Russian federation
  • Northern Sea Route
  • Oil logistics
  • Socio-economic development
  • Transport
  • The socio-economic development of the Arctic region of the Russian Federation is an object of close attention of the state and the scientific community. The most important factors in the development of the Northern Sea Route (NSR), such as permanent presence in the Arctic, the infrastructure development of the NSR, and cooperation with different countries are considered in this chapter. Geopolitical and transnational factors play strategically important roles in the expansion of maritime traffic in the Arctic zone. These factors include control over the territory rich in natural resources, the high value of the NSR transit factor, because its path connects the northwestern and far eastern regions of Russia. Also an important factor is the potential for growth in transnational transit traffic along the Northern Sea Route between European and Pacific ports. High-quality development of the Arctic territories is impossible without the successful implementation of infrastructure projects. The formation of the Arctic transport system is the most important task for the development of the region. The limited transport system seriously hinders the development of the northern regions. The Northern Sea Route is the basis of the economic stability of the North of Russia and the most important element of the Russian and international transport system. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the key factors, reconstruct the current and develop new paths.
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-92291-7_14
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