Methodical Modeling of Product and Process Data of Design Methods Using the Example of Modular Lightweight Design

Hamburg University of Technology
  • modular lightweight design, MBSE, design methods
  • This paper shows how the methodically modeling of product and process data of design methods using the example of modular lightweight design to improve data traceability and continuity can be implemented. Therefore, the underlying methods from the areas of modular lightweight design, Model-Based Systems Engineering and methodical process steps are analyzed and their challenges collected. As basis a data-driven linkage of product and process models for methods is used. To establish this within the method of the modular lightweight design, the six main steps were analyzed with regards to possible inconsistencies and links. In this context, it is particularly important which input and which output data are required or generated in each of these steps. Using this information, the link between the process and product data models can be established. With this link, the consistency and continuity of the data can be improved, as uses and changes in one step can be traced to other relevant steps. Because the data itself now is more consistent, the steps and the method itself provide a better consistency and continuity. A SysML-model is presented, with which the product data model can be consistently linked with the process data model, based on a data tree. This integrated process and product data model is applied to aircraft cabin development to develop a continuous, consistent models in a methodical manner.
DOI 10.1115/IMECE2021-71259
TUHH Open Research

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