Impact of Age on Perioperative Outcomes at Radical Prostatectomy: A Population-Based Study

  • BACKGROUND: Radical prostatectomy (RP) represents one standard of care for patients with localized prostate cancer and is associated with several established postoperative complications.

    OBJECTIVE: We tested the relationship between RP early postoperative outcomes and age within a population-based data repository.

    DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Within the National Inpatient Sample database (2008-2013), we identified patients who underwent robotically assisted or open RP.

    OUTCOME MEASUREMENTS AND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Multivariable logistic regression (MLR), multivariable Poisson regression (MPR), and linear regression models were used. Cubic spline graphically depicted the relationship between age and complications.

    RESULTS AND LIMITATIONS: Overall, 68780 patients underwent RP with a median age of 62 yr (interquartile range: 57-67 yr). In MLR models, patient age represented an independent predictor of overall [odds ratio (OR): 1.02, p<0.001], intraoperative (OR: 1.03, p<0.001), cardiac (OR: 1.03, p<0.001), miscellaneous medical (OR: 1.02, p<0.001), miscellaneous surgical (OR: 1.01, p=0.01), pulmonary (OR: 1.02, p<0.001), and vascular complications (OR: 1.05, p<0.001); blood transfusions (OR: 1.02, p<0.001); and bowel obstruction (OR: 1.02, p<0.001). In MPR models, patient age was associated with longer stay (OR: 1.001, p=0.02). Similar results were recorded after adjustment for clustering in stratified analyses (<70 vs ≥70 yr) and in the subgroup of patients that underwent robotically assisted RP. For nine out of twelve examined outcomes, a virtually direct relationship existed with increasing age, in cubic spline analyses.

    CONCLUSIONS: Virtually all early postoperative RP complications are directly related to age. In consequence, these observations should be considered from an individual patient perspective as well as from a health management perspective.

    PATIENT SUMMARY: RP is provided through a wide patient age spectrum. Virtually all early postoperative RP complications are directly related to age. Individual patient's age needs to be considered in treatment decision-making.

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