Technology Roadmap for the Single-Aisle Program of a Major Aircraft Industry Company

Hamburg University of Technology
  • The single-Aisle (SA) program has been the most successful aircraft program for the company 11 In order to safeguard the sensitive contents and privacy of the organization on which the study has been performed, the organization has been referred to as 'Company' in the paper. The identities of the people involved in the development of the roadmap has been concealed or revealed based on the willingness of the participant. on which the study has been performed. The Asian airline market has consistently grown over time due to population growth, high economic growth, and the availability of good airports. This growth has propelled both foreign and domestic airline companies to invest heavily in the Asian region. The SA aircrafts as a result have become the most demanded aircrafts in the region. Due to old product features in the SA aircraft, it has become difficult for the airline companies to fulfill market expectations. Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop a technology roadmap for the company so as to prioritize the product features. The technology roadmap for the company is developed by taking into consideration four factors viz., product features, market drivers, resources, and technology. Finally, these factors are mapped together so as to come up with an overall technology roadmap. Also, the roadmap is divided into a timeframe consisting of short-Term and long-Term goals. In the research works, currently and formerly undertaken at universities, the views of experts from the organization and airline pilots have been taken into consideration for the evaluation of the four factors of the technology roadmap.
DOI 10.1109/EMR.2018.2826007
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