Comparing the effect of positioning on cerebral autoregulation during radical prostatectomy: a prospective observational study

  • PURPOSE: Surgery in the prolonged extreme Trendelenburg position may lead to elevated intracranial pressure and compromise cerebral hemodynamic regulation. We hypothesized that robot-assisted radical prostatectomy with head-down tilt causes impairment of cerebral autoregulation compared with open retropubic radical prostatectomy in the supine position.

    METHODS: Patients scheduled for elective radical prostatectomy were included at a tertiary care prostate cancer clinic. Continuous monitoring of the cerebral autoregulation was performed using the correlation method. Based on measurements of cerebral oxygenation with near-infrared spectroscopy and invasive mean arterial blood pressure (MAP), a moving correlation coefficient was calculated to obtain the cerebral oxygenation index as an indicator of cerebral autoregulation. Cerebral autoregulation was measured continuously from induction until recovery from anesthesia.

    RESULTS: There was no significant difference in cerebral autoregulation between robot-assisted and open retropubic radical prostatectomy during induction (p = 0.089), intraoperatively (p = 0.162), and during recovery from anesthesia (p = 0.620). Age (B = 0.311 [95% CI 0.039; 0.583], p = 0.025) and a higher difference between baseline MAP and intraoperative MAP (B = 0.200 [95% CI 0.073; 0.327], p = 0.002) were associated with impaired cerebral autoregulation, whereas surgical technique was not (B = 3.339 [95% CI  1.275; 7.952], p = 0.155).

    CONCLUSION: Compared with open radical prostatectomy in the supine position, robot-assisted surgery in the extreme Trendelenburg position with capnoperitoneum did not lead to an impairment of cerebral autoregulation during the perioperative period in our study population.

    TRIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER: DRKS00010014, date of registration: 21.03.2016, retrospectively registered.

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